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This week on "Shoot the Sh*t"

This week, we launched the first episode of Shoot The Sh*t, our newest podcast that tells the unfiltered tales of filmmakers' craziest production and on-set experiences. Hosts and fellow filmmakers Taylor Deffibaugh and Kristen Kiertzner talk to crew members from all departments to hear about their experiences behind the scenes, giving audiences a glimpse into the mishaps, pivots, and unforseen circumstances that unfold off screen.

Micah Johnson on Shoot the Sh*t

In our inaugural episode, Taylor and Kristen sit down with assistant director Micah Johnson who shares some of his most memorable moments on set, including being blackmailed by an eight-year-old actress. His hilarious recount of the story is a perfect example of the blend of innocence of childhood and the cutthroat nature of showbiz, showcasing the unexpected twists that can unfold during a shoot. Micah also shares about the grueling experience he had battling the relentless rain in the deserts of Southern California which broke a three year drought, and how the environment lent a complicated yet humorous angle to the set he conducted through the downpour. Micah further describes his role as not only an orchestrator of production, but also an on-set therapist as he divulges a time in which he juggled the emotional fireworks between a disgruntled actor and director of photography.

Shoot The Sh*t doesn't just offer entertainment; it provides an enlightening and humorous look at the trials and tribulations that filmmakers face behind the scenes. Through Micah's captivating anecdotes, listeners gain an appreciation for the dedication and resilience required to bring a film to fruition.

As Shoot The Sh*t continues to delve into the wild world of filmmaking, one thing is certain: it promises a treasure trove of stories that will keep listeners hooked. With its unique blend of humor, drama, and insider insights, this podcast is a must-listen for anyone who has ever been fascinated by the magic that happens both in front of and behind the camera. Tune in, and prepare to be entertained, shocked, and inspired by the crazy tales from Hollywood's most exciting film sets.


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