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Doctor Diagnoses Her Own Cancer

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In this podcast episode, "Two Sisters of a Certain Age" hosts Sophia and Judy welcome a special guest, Dr. Kimberly Hutcherson, who is a radiologist and breast cancer survivor. The conversation delves into Dr. Hutcherson's journey, starting from her medical school days, where she and Dr. Sophia Grant were partners in gross anatomy. Dr. Hutcherson recounts her transition into radiology, specializing in breast imaging, and becoming the director of the Breast Imaging Center at her hospital.

Dr. Hutcherson shares her personal experience with breast cancer, including diagnosing her own cancer and undergoing treatment. She discusses the importance of annual mammograms and the controversy around the recommended age to start screening. The podcast provides valuable insights into breast cancer detection and treatment options.

How did Dr. Hutcherson cope with the discovery of her breast cancer? What was her chemotherapy journey like, and how did she manage her work and personal life during treatment? How has her experience as a breast cancer survivor influenced her approach to patient care and advocacy for breast health?

To find answers to these questions and gain a deeper understanding of Dr. Hutcherson's inspiring journey, listen to the entire episode via the link below.


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