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Green Set Initiative

Sustainability and a love for nature are at the core of our production company. We care deeply for the way we impact the world, both on screen and off.

Whether it’s a feature length movie or a social media clip, we measure and offset our impact by planting trees, supporting ocean cleanup non-profits and wildlife sanctuaries. However, offsetting one's footprint is not enough - it is important to minimize it.

With the goal of minimizing the damaging effect on our planet caused by film and video industries, we have created our own resource, Green Set Initiative.

Every year, film and TV productions around the world cause an enormous amount of damage to the environment. Fleets of gas guzzling vehicles and generators, food waste, single use plastics, and wasted water are only a few of the damaging factors that continue to hide behind the glamorous front of the entertainment business.

Green Set Initiative isn’t a complete guide to making the film industry fully environmentally friendly, nor is it a charity that will offset the carbon emissions of your production, but it is an ever-growing directory of resources that will help minimize the potential environmental damage caused by film sets.

It is incredibly important that we change the industry, and this change will not happen overnight. We need to adopt new practices, trial new methods and educate the ones around us. Together we can make these new solutions become routine, and doing so allows us to work towards our collective goal of reducing harm to the planet we all call home.


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