Every year, film and TV productions around the world cause an enormous amount of damage to the environment. Mounds of trash, burnt diesel, wasted water, discarded food, non-eco-friendly shipping, trucks, trailers, generators, overworked crew… the list goes on and on. Production after production, all of this environmental damage continues to hide behind the glamorous front of the entertainment business.


This list isn’t a complete guide to making the film industry fully environmentally friendly, or a charity that will offset the carbon emissions of your production.


This list is an ever-growing directory of resources that will help you minimize the potential environmental damage caused by your film production.


Shop Local

cost: $


Find local eco friendly shops and if your budget allows you - try to make purchases there. A lot of small local businesses are open to negotiations, so if you are going to purchase a lot - let them know and they will most likely help you get the cost down to fit your budget. It's a great opportunity for them to sell a large amount of items and it's fantastic for the planet.

One Tree Planted

cost: $


A great resource to offset your carbon emission on a film set and to make a tax deductible donation on behalf of your crew and cast is the "One Tree Planted" program. This company plants 1 tree for each $1 donated. If you sign up as a company partner - you will also get access to their large stock footage database with a lot of fantastic nature shots that you can use as B-Roll for your projects. It's a win-win!

Cotton Swabs

cost: $


Boonboo cotton buds are 100% biodegradable and made from sustainable bamboo. Perfect alternative to plastic buds which comes at the cost of harming our nature. Perfect for MUAH and PD as well as just personal use.

Biodegradable Clear Tape

cost: $


Biodegradable tape wide is 1.88inch/48mm, length is 55yds/ roll, total 4Rolls 220yds. Standard size suitable for all standard tape dispensers and tape guns.

Disposable Gloves

cost: $


Great gloves for food processing and covid testing/set medics. Individually packed zero waste. Commercially compostable. 30 pairs.

Bio Glitter

cost: $


Great for Production Design and Make Up. Biodegradable, vegan, non-toxic, cruelty free, and made in the USA

Coffee Cups

cost: $


Compostable Disposable Coffee Cups [12oz 80 Pack] made from Bamboo.

Compostable Cold Cups

cost: $


GreenStripe Renewable & Compostable Cold Cups, 16 oz, (Case of 1000)

Biodegradable Trash Bags

cost: $


Biodegradable Trash bags. Pack of 100 (bulk option available).

Compostable Plates

cost: $


Crafty/Catering plates. Fully biodegradable. 125 plates (other options available)

Bio Friendlier Pens

cost: $


Not perfect, but a great alternative. The recyclable pens are made from kraft paper, which can be decorated, labeled, and personalized, which means you can write your name on it and never lose your pen on set. Uses stainless steel cores to help reduce plastic pollution. Pack of 50.

Generator Replacement

cost: $


EcoFlow DELTA PRO is a great portable battery that can replace your generator powering crafty/catering, work lights, fans and bug lamps or charging personal devices and even camera batteries. Great to replace smaller to medium generators and can be recharged overnight at home, plugged into an EV charger or you can add a package with a solar panel to charge right there on set.

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