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2SOCA x The Real Mama Pod

Sisters Sophia and Judy have been making waves in the podcasting world with their show 2SOCA - 2 Sisters of a Certain Age. Recently, they had a guest appearance on The Real Mama Pod.

During the episode, listeners were treated to a discussion about the sisters' unique perspectives on life, relationships, and family. They delved into their childhood memories, sibling dynamics, career paths, and how their experiences have shaped them into the women they are today. It was a candid and honest conversation that offered listeners a glimpse into the lives of these remarkable women.

Sophia and Judy have been creating content for 2SOCA for quite some time now, and their podcast has garnered a loyal following. Their unique blend of humor and thought-provoking insights have won over listeners from all walks of life. Through their podcast, the sisters explore a wide range of topics that matter to them, from current events and social issues to pop culture and personal experiences.

The Real Moma Pod is another podcast that has been making waves in recent times. Hosted by Devon and Kendra, "two college besties who are juggling the adventures of mamahood one day at a time." The show features conversations with a diverse range of guests, covering topics that are relevant and relatable. Having Sophia and Judy as guests was a natural fit for the show, given their shared passion for creating content that is authentic and engaging.

You can watch the episode on YouTube here and stay tuned - Devon and Kendra are going to appear on 2SOCA's next episode coming very soon!


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