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Deep Water

Los Angeles, May 2024 – NO LONGER NETWORK, the Los Angeles-based boutique production company, proudly unveils its latest music video, "Deep Water," featuring the acclaimed singer/songwriter Polyna. Polyna's captivating vocals and ethereal persona have established her as a standout figure in the pop music scene.

A still for the music video Deep Water

Directed by Kristen Kiertzner, "Deep Water" is a collaborative project that transports viewers from the misty Malibu mountains to the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean, seamlessly blending Polyna's mesmerizing presence with the stunning backdrop of Southern California.

With her ever growing fanbase, Polyna's distinct fusion of Nordic Pop vocals and poignant songwriting continues to captivate audiences in today's dynamic music landscape.

Released on May 3rd, "Deep Water" is available on Vevo and major streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify. Fans can immerse themselves in Polyna's mesmerizing world and experience the visual spectacle firsthand.

Polyna described the video as a portrayal of profound love inspired by the vastness of the California coast. Kristen Kiertzner, the video's director, shared insights into the creative process, aiming to encapsulate the overwhelming emotions depicted in the song.

Behind the scenes, the production faced challenges such as time constraints, weather conditions, and creative intricacies. Despite these hurdles, the team's dedication resulted in captivating visuals, including standout moments like Polyna's levitation scene and an unexpected encounter with nature during filming. To learn about these and more head over to Shoot the Sh*t's latest episode with Polyna,

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