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Finding Her Voice: the Musical Journey of Polyna

"Ethereal and eclectic: two words used to describe the sound of Siberian singer Polyna as she makes waves in the "frosted art-pop" scene. Hailing from a secluded town in Siberia - and when we say secluded, we mean remarkably hidden - Polyna grew up in an area that "wasn't on the map and didn't even have a name up until recently."

"Despite these challenges, the talented singer has launched a successful career in music. She's even won the Ovation award, the highest music award in her country. The Teen Magazine had the privilege of sitting down with Polyna for a candid interview, where she shared her inspiring journey to success and the driving forces behind her unique music creations."

But behind a great music video is a great team. "My upcoming music video was created with a wonderful film and video production company 'No Longer Network'. From the moment we had our first chat and exchanged ideas to the result (which will be released next month!), It was nothing but pure creativity, joy, and professionalism. The production company, my amazing partner in the video Jeffrie Favianni, and the whole crew are one of the main reasons why I love the visual side of music."'

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Read the full article written by Williana Serve on The Teen Mag's page linked below.

"Finding Her Voice: the Musical Journey of Polyna"


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