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Welcome to List Connections, where each month we feature a guest experiencing a significant event in their life—be it joyous or somber, thrilling or daunting. What unites our guests is their shared need for a carefully curated playlist to navigate through these life moments.

That's where you come in!

Dive into their story and hints at their musical preferences, and recommend a song you believe would be the perfect companion for the occasion. Our host will compile the playlist and unveil it to the guest during an episode of our podcast. Tune in to delve into their unique stories, explore fresh music, and discover if your suggestion makes the cut. All playlists are shared for you to enjoy on Spotify or Apple Music after the episode is released.

1st of each month

New guest and their story are announced

1-15th of each month

Time for you to suggest a song for the playlist

Last week of each month

we release the podcast episode and the playlists