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Welcome to List Connections: a community built Playlist club with unique themes. Themes posted every other Thursday, playlist posted 10 days later, on a Saturday.

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Sep 30, 2023

The Only Way to Save this Rec Center is to Win this Dance Competition!

Here's the deal! We have to come together as a community to save the neighborhood Recreation center from being purchased and demolished by big fat cat Fat Cat Chain. This is our refuge, it's where Billy learned how to make free throws, where Nancy perfected her art skills by painting that mural. Where our parents fell in love and teachers let us live! Well, the Fat Cat's put on a dance contest to decide the building's fate, and luckily, that's what we're best at! Let's pick our winning jams!

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Win a free coffee by impressing the host’s mom with your impeccable taste in music. If your submission is chosen for the playlist and Linda picks it as her favorite, you’ll receive a cash prize to put towards your favorite caffeinated beverage. The prize totals the cost of Linda’s go-to order of a flat white at $4.07.

Created by

Rob Roelofs

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