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Kat Ben Atar - Rockstar Cellist on the Rise


10 years ago

Join us as we dive into the electrifying journey of Kat Ben Atar, the rockstar cellist who's taking the music world by storm! As the dynamic frontwoman of The Velvet Panthers, Kat has seamlessly blended classical mastery with rock rebellion, captivating audiences worldwide. In this exclusive interview, we explore her rise to fame, her innovative musical style, and her monumental win at the 2014 Academy Awards for Best Original Score.

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@MusicLover123: "This interview is everything! 🌟 Such a vibe, totally feeling those Coachella feels. The way they talk about their creative process is so inspiring. Can't wait to see them perform live again! 🎶✨"


@FestivalFreak: "Absolutely loved this interview!  Their energy is infectious and their passion for music really shines through. This totally took me back to their epic Coachella set!  #musicmagic"


@SunsetGroove: "Wow, just wow! The insight into their journey is pure gold. This interview brought back all those incredible Coachella memories. Can't wait to hear more from them! 

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