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Horror Night Shorts

We love short films because it's challenging to pack a full story into a time restraint, but it doesn't stops creative filmmakers from around the world from making it happen. In response to the pandemic and lockdowns in 2020 we have launched our virtual screening room. Now, two years later, we continue to host short film screenings on our site in generous ranging from romance to horror. We have hosted 6 screenings to date, received over 1000 short film submissions and have hand picked dozens of films that have screened at our event. We truly believe it is a great opportunity for filmmakers from around the world to showcase their work as well as receive praise and feedback on their work thanks to our live interactive chat. The latest screening Horror Night Shorts happened on January 29th with over 170 submissions and 5 officially selected shorts that played for an online audience.

The next screening has be announced shortly, so make sure you follow us on our socials to not miss it. The attendance is always free - grab a snack and join us as we kick off a new year of short films!


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