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2SOCA - Podcast Launch

2SOCA Podcast launched on all podcast streaming platforms.

Sisters Sophia and Judy Grant in collaboration with NO LONGER NETWORK have launched 2SOCA - a bi-weekly podcast. Sophia and Judy take on topics relating to middle age with humor, intellect and insight in their new podcast. Laugh, cry and learn with them!

“Welcome to 2SOCA podcast - Two Sisters of a Certain Age…conversations with a therapist and a doctor. “
“Judy: …we’re just so excited to be here with you today and to bring 2SOCA to life. Because this is something that has really been on our minds for several years and we’re just thrilled to be able to introduce you to us and introduce you to 2SOCA.”
“Sophia: Another podcast? There’s so many podcasts out there. What makes this podcast unique ? Well, I’ve seen podcast with two sisters; I’ve seen podcast with a therapist. I’ve seen podcast with physicians, but I haven’t seen podcast with a sister who is a doctor and one who is a therapist, and I like to believe that we have a unique voice.”
“Judy: You know I just think that there’s so many things happening in our lives today that really stopping and looking at the mental health aspect of all of that is so incredibly important. I know it’s important for me and my life and the clients that I serve, and I recognize that society in general is really starting to embrace mental health, and to recognize it for what it is, and that it really needs to be something that’s addressed, and talked about in relation to all of the other things that are happening in our world.”

You can listen to the trailer and follow to be notified when the new episodes come out here - and on most other podcast platforms.


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