"The Music Sounds Better With Whom?" explores the intersection of music and tech, concerning itself with the way artificial intelligence impacts producers, listeners and society as a whole.

Music has always been a passion of mine, but music has always been more than just the music itself - what I have also found special, and immensely powerful, is that connection between artists and a fans. In 2017, I started to dig into artificial intelligence for some data science assignments I had, and in that process started to discover all the ways AI was playing a role, but it was not clear if it was good or bad - or if one should even look at it as black and white, so that set me down a road of exploration, and hence the foundation of "The Music Sounds Better with Whom?" was born.

As I started to dig deeper into the subject, I made a list of tech people, academics, DJs and musician whom I thought would be able to provide different perspectives on the subject. My goal was never to give people the answers, rather to consider the possibilities and to come to conclusions themselves - but one needs all the evidence which can only come from a diversity of experiences and perspectives. The fans are all people whom I know in my life who are obsessed with music, to put it lightly. To be frank, it was a fairly easy process from pre to post production. The biggest challenge I faced was deciding how to end the film as I think people are used to normal "conclusions", which this film does not, but I have been quite happy that people leave the film not only enjoying but also pondering further questions.

We go way back with Marcel Salas ( interviewer) to when I was working at an ad agency in NYC and she was my intern! We first collaborated on a short film for the agency about Gen Z, which you maybe can consider the first film we did [LAUGHS]. Marcel was the producer of my first two films - "Gonna Sip That Sip, Hit That Dip: The Emerging Queer Hip Hop Movement" and "iDentity".

Eric Silveira and Anthony Curran both work for a production house whose work I first came across in 2016. I was blown away by their work, and I knew for my next film I wanted to work with them in order to help me present the film in the most visually compelling manner possible.

- Chasson Gracie, director

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"I became an instant fan of Mr. Gracie’s work after viewing his first two offerings. As a college and university Professor whose courses largely address issues of diversity and inclusion, and as a marginalized individual myself, both (of his previous) works resonated with me on multiple levels. Thus, when I was invited to participate as assistant producer on 'The Music Sounds Better with Whom?’, I agreed without reservation. I knew that doing so would afford me a unique opportunity to contribute to the creation of something special. In light of its widespread positive reception on the festival circuit and continued critical acclaim, my initial instincts were evidently right!"

- Ryan Campbell

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