Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to become an actress. I was always drawn to performing.But as a little girl I imagined being a famous movie star, and only later, when I grew older I realized it was the acting itself that I loved. I had this urge to get up on stage and in front of a camera and perform.

I have acted since I was a teenager, but only recently have managed to make it my career and do it professionally. I studied acting in Finland, before coming to LA for additional acting degree. Going to film schools definitely helped. I loved how different the approaches were compared to one another. Though helpful, I wouldn't say school is absolutely necessary. You learn by trying over and over, again and again, getting out of the comfort zone. That’s why going theater for so many years definitely helped me, almost as much as acting school did.

The biggest obstacle, at least for me, were my inner insecurities. I had to overcome my fears, my perfectionism and my shyness and start believing that I am good enough. The best traits every filmmaker should focus on developing are confidence and persistence. You are going to get rejected multiple times, but you have to understand that that is just a part of the process. The key is to never give up, but keep improving, practicing your craft and believing in yourself.

Our short film “Mr. Kunibert” just got selected to multiple film festivals around the US. This one I am very proud of in particular because we all put a lot of energy and effort to make it happen. I also really enjoyed working with the director Tapio Antere for the third time. It is so easy to work with Tapio, since we have created trust and understanding of one another. I know how he works and he knows how I do. Besides “Mr. Kunibert”, I just finished shooting a horror film called “Z.A.I.U.S” last week. I really enjoy acting in horror films so it was a lot of fun to be a part of this one. I have good control over my emotions so it is easy for me to scream and cry on demand. Also I am such a geek when it comes to horror. I need to see literally every new scary movie that comes out.

I just finished writing my very first script, which is a very personal story. Writing screenplays is something completely new to me. I am also a part of the cast in a web series called “Love Me”, written and directed by Christine Lozano.

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