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My mom asked me to watch Doctor Zhivago with her. At that point I’ve only watched Disney movies with the occasional Hook (Steven Spielberg) and the original Star Wars trilogy. After watching it I’ve started seeing movies in a different light, I realized they can be these grand epics and wanted to make my own ever since. Professional I became a filmmaker in 2017 when I got my first job as an Editor at Fiction Films Los Angeles.

What’s the most difficult obstacle I had to overcome to make a film? Finding money. Most of the time you put a lot of your own into it - if you're not lucky enough to have a financier attached.

But money isn’t everything. You also need to have a lot of knowledge. Know your films and filmmakers. It's important to know the good, the bad, and the obscure. The connections you make going to film school make it worth it, but I can say, however, it's possible to learn everything you can in film school on your own. There are a plethora of youtube channels and websites that have the same exact information and techniques.

If I had to choose which one is more important: prep, production or post I would hands down pick pre-production. If you're tripping over your laces from the start - it will make production an uphill battle.

We love short films at NO LONGER NETWORK, so we just had to ask if Patrick had a favorite one. “Of recent: Stutterer. It's essentially the perfect way to tell a short story.”

The app I use the most in my professional life is Slack. It's a beautiful way to keep up with everyone on a production or within a company.

Right now I am preparing for filming of a music video this coming month for a band called Something Hit. They're small right now, but have an amazingly nostalgic and unique sound. Check them out.

Patrick has a short film “Sailed Ships” available now on NO LONGER NETWORK.

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