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Director / Writer / Producer

I made my first film with 18 (narrative music video), then my path went into the theatre world, but I’ve never lost the impulse of how fascinating and moving a film can be since I saw 2001 A Space Odyssey at the age of 16.

Like for the most of us, the biggest obstacle is the budget, but there is another thing, not really an obstacle, but kind of a hurdle, find the trust in yourself that you can do it. Easily said, but through all the difficulties that come along with filmmaking, believing in yourself requires training on a daily basis.

My approach to learning always was and is by doing and by watching. The most helpful things I’ve learned about filmmaking were when I was editing. The editing process shows you exactly whether you have the right material, all the shots you need. I did the editing on all of my projects and I’ve made lists of things I should have done better on set. Better angles, more reaction shots, more b-roll… My advise would be - edit as much as you can on your own projects and take editing work from others.

The most important skills a filmmaker can have are awareness and observational skills. Not only concerning the world and the people around you or concerning art and films, but mostly concerning yourself, your feelings, your understanding of the world, your questions. Dive deep into your own feelings and perceptions, be aware of these small movements of your soul, listen, because in there you will find your stories and your own special way to transform them into films.

I think preproduction, production and post are an indivisible trinity, but if you are also writing your films, it is very helpful to think about the editing as you go through the writing process, thinking about transitions, sound and light. Pre-production is essential, any carelessness in pre. will multiply along the way.

Mahna Mahna Killer is a kind of comedy, but not that kind that screams out loud: Comedy!! It gains its fun out of a weird and most of all tragic situation. I always love the combination of tragic and comic. It is silent and touching. The behavior of the two characters seems to be very strange, but in an extreme situation like this, all kinds of human reaction are possible and the way it is delivered gets my empathy right from the first moment. The two actors and the filmmakers are very good. It compresses an amount of intense emotions in a short time, therefore it is not only a funny sketch scene, it is a moving story, entertaining to watch.

At the moment I am writing on my first feature project. We already made a concept teaser. You can watch it here:

Ludo Vici has a film in our library called "No Goodbye" that is available for viewing here.

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