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Screenwriter / Director

Working for almost 3 years creating video content (commercials, music videos corporate videos, etc).  Mainly as a director, co-director, and editor.

I was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico.  I think my biggest passion, even as a child, has always been cinema, and it's all because of movies that I have found interest in other things such as history, art and sociology. When I was a kid and I saw a movie based on someone's life or a real life event it would always awake my interest in that particular subject. To me cinema has always been a way to explore pretty much anything, from a realistic event to the most surreal thoughts of the human mind. Eventually it became the only way to see the world.

I have a vague memory of me watching a BTS program of Jurassic Park and thinking it looked like the coolest job in the world. To me it was like playing with toys on a huge scale.

In 2014 I traveled to Los Angeles to study filmmaking at New York Film Academy.  When I finished film school I moved back to Guadalajara and, along with my brother Alex, we founded "Ideagrama" which initially started as a marketing agency but now we have slowly transformed into what we always wanted it to be: a production company. So far we have done a couple of short films and all kinds of videos for commercial use.

Everything is a fucking obstacle when making a film, whether it's financing or maintaining a  creative vision, there are always problems. You have to get used to it, and I think the only way to overcome it is to be extremely passionate about it.

The best way to learn is by watching movies and paying attention to the film language. You can learn the technical stuff either in film school or by watching YouTube, I don't think film school is necessary for everyone. The important thing is to stay true to yourself: whatever you find interesting, funny, relevant will be your biggest weapon. Learning the technical craft and being professional is also extremely important, because, you know... nobody wants a crappy looking film. 

Favorite short film of mine is "Life's a Bitch" by Françoise Jaros. It's a hilarious piece of montage.

I think the best thing anyone can experience on a film set is to witness a moment of truth and to be able to capture it with a camera. I'm always trying to find those moments, when an actor improvises, when the light is better than you thought, when something surpasses your imagination sometimes it makes the whole project worth it.

Diego Barragan has a film in our library called "Alternate Ending" that is available for viewing here.

I’m currently in pre-production for a feature film I'm planning to shoot this year.  It's a story about the friendship of two school shooters that takes place on the afternoon prior to their attempted attack.

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