I'm from Peru. I was born in Tacna but raised in Lima, our capital city. Since I was a little girl I was extremely curious about the film industry, but it wasn’t until I saw people performing in theatre and films, taking on their characters’ lives and telling stories that I fell in love with acting.

I started practicing when I was at school competing in recitals and oral expression. Later I’ve decided to study musical theater for a short period of time where I was able to perform for the first time on stage in front of many people and realize that that was what I wanted to dedicate my entire life to.

I'm also an Industrial Engineer. I know, two completely different worlds. I decided to study Industrial Engineering and Acting for theatre because I also felt that curiosity for the business world and also because I knew how difficult it can be to be an artist. But I don't regret it, since thanks to that career, I was able to come to Los Angeles and study Acting for film; and since then I have not stopped working as an actress.

Auditions are very different for each project, where we as actors have to prepare to portrait in our best, the character we are auditioning for. Sometimes it can be long since we have callbacks and chemistry readings, but the feeling of getting it is amazing and erases all the anxiety and stress of waiting for an answer.

The most important trait for an actor, I think is empathy and to know how to listen. With those you learn how to really feel and react. We are people representing other people. An actor must also believe in themselves. Something I've learned is that there is no better manager for you than you. Especially in the beginning, till you find the right person to guide your career. But first you have to be confident about you and your work.

If I had to pick a couple films from the ones that I played in, I think I’ll have to choose Outlandish directed by Mahmoud Abul and False directed by Chelsea Nwasike. They both have beautiful messages through out the story, talking about bullying and self esteem.

Outlandish is about a boy with cancer that struggles with bullying in high school. After a dream and a message from someone important he realizes the real strength he still has.

False is about a young girl, who finds herself stuck on other people’s opinions of her. Her true self is trapped in another world and comes out once in a time.

I've been working on different projects that have been getting recognition at different film festivals. Outlandish won the CKF International Film Festival and became a Semi Finalist at Los Angeles Film Awards and Festigious International Film Festival. The Rosy Summer Day directed by Nicole Shan was another project I had the opportunity to work on as a starring actor. We won several awards, but the most distinguished was the Best Director and the Best Fantasy Film. The New girlfriend, was another project that I worked with Chelsea Nwasike (director of "False"); and we won as Super Short Comedy at Berlin Flash Film Festival.

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