I was born and raised in Milan, Italy, the country that I love. My journey as an actress started later than most… I’ve always loved movies. Since I was little I could watch 2-3 movies per night with my brother and we were having fun running the lines of our favorite scenes. But that was just for fun!

After a while I've decided to take high school theater classes, but I still wasn’t thinking that acting was more than a hobby. I guess I am not the more common “I’ve always wanted to act since I was a little girl”, but instead this passion has actually exploded in my heart after I got my degree. A lot of friends and family kept telling me that I have a very expressive face and that I should start acting and that’s when I got into one of the best "Acting for Film" academies in Milan and… from the very first day It was a “love at first sight”. I've never felt so right in my entire life! That day I thought: “I could do this every day for the rest of my life” and so after a degree in "Acting For Film" in Milan and after a second degree in "Acting for Film" at New York Film Academy in Los Angeles I realized that acting is something I could never live without. It’s not my job, it’s who I am and I couldn’t be happier.

I believe that “time” is one of the biggest obstacles in the filmmaking process (other than the budget!). Regarding low budget movies a filmmaker has to make it work with whatever he/she has. More than once I had to improvise and work as a PD assistant, make-up artist and an assistant director as well as an actress, all on the same project and I was worried that would negatively effect my performance... but with good will and determination we can do anything. Even if at the end of the day we find ourselves extremely exhausted - the result are worth it!

I think passion is something nobody can teach, we have to have that inside of us. But definitely we must have a certain amount of technical knowledge about the filmmaking process. That's indispensable. Acting in particular is a non stop learning process. Besides, you can get a lot of experience at a film school, so I definitely recommend it.

The moment I decided that I loved movies and filmmaking in general was after I watched Forrest Gump, my favorite movie, many many years ago! The plot…the acting…the cinematography…wow!

My favorite short film is "Alia" Directed by Sreehari Purimetla.

There are a few projects I would love to share with you. “Sight" is the project that's currently running in several film festival here in the US. It's a Music Video directed by Sharwin Samant, a love story that knows no boundaries. Produced in December 2018. I play the leading role, Amanda. This project was selected as the Best Music Video at the Direct Monthly On Line Film Festival, Award Winner as Best Student Music Video at the Indie Short Fest film festival, Finalist at the “The Greatest Show of All Time” film festival in NYC, where I had the honor of seeing my movie screened at the Carnegie Hall, and has 2 Official Selections at “Rome Independent Prisma Award” and “Best Short Competition”.

Another one is “The Death of the Artist”, a short film drama. It’s the latest project I've worked on and it is the most challenging one I’ve done so far. We shot in a desert, the location was breath taking despite the face that the temperatures went above 105 degrees. We slept on location, so the connection we've created with the crew was incredibly strong, which helped us build trust in everybody’s work. I love working with Li, the director, he has a great approach when it comes to actors, which stimulates my creativity and the results were just crazy. At the moment it is in post-production.

Also, soon I’ll be the lead in a feature film called “A witch In the Dark”, a horror movie that I can’t be more thrilled about.

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