Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Anna Vialova is a Ukrainian director of photography currently based in LA. We got a chance to ask her a few questions about her art, career and personality.

Anna’s first experience with a photo camera was after she had received one as as a present for her 12th birthday. Some time later, she was hanging out on the beach with her sister when she decided to take pictures of her: That moment was my first experience with a camera and I had so much fun with it. After that, I was taking pictures and filming almost everything I saw on my way, especially cats and flowers ugh…”.


“I was a DP for the film “I Just Wanted to See You". The director and I decided to shoot this film on just 1 roll of 35mm film, which only allows for 5 min 55 seconds of footage. It was a great challenge for me as the director of photography because it leaves no room for errors. Every camera position and movement had to be perfectly planned and I had to make sure that each shot was exactly what I wanted before I allowed myself to push the button - which is so rare nowadays with digital cameras that allow you to do any number of takes.

The best way to become a good filmmaker is to improve every day, to be able to think and analyze, to not be a consumer, but a creator. Many people feel that film school is not necessary, but that’s not exactly true. If you feel like you need to go to film school for that, why not? It's a great place to develop your skills and make mistakes, but it doesn't mean that film school will do everything for you and you can just relax in the classroom.”

Anna herself has graduated from the New York Film Academy with a degree in cinematography in early 2019. She has been rapidly advancing her career with multiple credits in cinematography. You can find her credits on her IMDB page.

“The most important trait a young filmmaker should have and improve upon is self-confidence, but not to the point when your ego becomes the most important thing. By self-confidence, I mean to be able to make decisions and not to give up when everything seems to be falling apart (which happens much more often than you would think.)

What’s more important: Pre-production, Production or Post? All of it. Each stage influences a lot in the next one. I hate when people expect to fix everything in post, or the opposite, when production doesn't leave any budget for post-production asking “why do we need a good colorist?”.

We live in the world where there is an app for everything, and filmmaking is not an exception. “I use Sun Seeker a lot.” - says Anna. “It helps me with location scouting. It's a sun tracker & compass app that lets you track sunrise, sunset times and sun position throughout the day so you know exactly where the light is going to be at any time.”

Poster for Disney's "Paperman"
NO LONGER NETWORK focuses on short films, so it was very important to ask, what Anna’s favorite short film. It turned out to be “Paperman". “I saw it a year ago but it still pops up in my head.”

“At the moment, I'm focused on post-production for a couple films I had a blast working on. We are currently working on color for a short film “No Longer Perfect”. It is a story about friendship that is strengthened by one of the most difficult decisions that women are faced with. Kristina, the story's protagonist, becomes pregnant and decides to get an abortion. Meanwhile Astrid, her best friend, finds out that she has PCOS, which is a hormonal condition affecting fertility. Astrid decides to keep this a secret and toughens up to show support for her friend.”

Anna has a few movies that she has worked on on our platform. Check them out and leave comments below. If you have any questions for Anna, we will make sure to pass those on.


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