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6 Best Music Curation Podcasts

In a world flooded with an overwhelming amount of music across various genres and styles, finding the perfect tunes that resonate with your soul can be akin to finding a needle in a haystack. AI is taking over and suggested playlists that are "perfect for you" end up limiting our exposure to music, by funneling the same sounding songs into our ears. Fortunately, there's a beacon of hope for music enthusiasts: music curation podcasts. These podcasts, hosted by passionate music lovers and experts, serve as guiding lights, illuminating the vast landscape of musical treasures.

Music Curation Podcasts

Hosted by Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton, NPR's All Songs Considered is a pioneering force in the realm of music curation podcasts. With a focus on introducing listeners to new music across diverse genres, this podcast features insightful commentary, interviews with artists, and eclectic playlists that cater to all tastes. Whether you're into indie rock, electronic, folk, or classical, All Songs Considered has something for everyone.

Ever wondered about the stories behind your favorite songs? Look no further than Song Exploder. Hosted by Hrishikesh Hirway, this podcast invites musicians to dissect their tracks, offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the creative process. From iconic hits to underground gems, Song Exploder provides a unique perspective that deepens our appreciation for the artistry behind the music.

Based in Seattle, KEXP is renowned for its commitment to showcasing emerging artists and fostering a vibrant music community. The KEXP Song of the Day podcast delivers exactly what its name suggests: a daily dose of handpicked tracks that span a multitude of genres. With a keen ear for innovation and quality, KEXP introduces listeners to groundbreaking artists and songs that might otherwise fly under the radar.

For those who are looking for story behind the playlist - look no further than List Connections. LC is a community built playlist that (hopefully) helps people. What that actually means is that once a month the audience is presented with a story by that month's guest. The story is usually about whatever it is that's going on in their life - the good, the bad the in between. Based on their story and some other details about their musical taste the audience and the host build a perfect playlist and reveal it in the episode of their podcast. Playlists are available to download on Spotify and Apple Music.

Hosted by music journalists Darah Golub and Jessie Katz, Soul Sisters delves into the stories and experiences of women in the music industry. From groundbreaking artists to behind-the-scenes professionals, this podcast celebrates the contributions of women in shaping the musical landscape. With candid interviews and thought-provoking discussions, Soul Sisters offers a platform for empowerment and inspiration.

In conclusion, music curation podcasts serve as invaluable guides in navigating the vast ocean of musical expression. Whether you're seeking fresh discoveries, behind-the-scenes insights, or thought-provoking conversations, the podcasts mentioned above offer a treasure trove of auditory delights. So, tune in, expand your musical horizons, and let the journey begin!

Helmed by DJ Alex Ruder, Midnight in a Perfect World offers a sonic journey through eclectic sounds and genres. Broadcasting from Seattle's KEXP, this weekly podcast features meticulously curated playlists that blend ambient, electronic, hip-hop, and experimental music. With its nocturnal atmosphere and boundary-pushing selections, Midnight in a Perfect World is a sanctuary for music aficionados seeking sonic escapism.



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