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Instagram Hosting + Blog



In this section we ask you to upload your portrait or headshot and a short bio. This would be the first post of the week, so treat this as your introduction, perhaps state that you are excited to share some of your work with the audience.

upload your portrait
upload post #1
upload post #2


After the "about" post above has been published, we will make 5 more posts that showcase your work. We suggest giving the audience an insight into your process, and sharing some stories or tips on how you have achieved what is depicted on the image. Please don't use these to promote your site or film, you will have an opportunity to do that later.

If you mention someone in your post, make sure to use page them using "@".

upload post #3
upload post #4
upload post #5
upload final post


This is your last post of the week. Here we encourage you to share a BTS photo of yourself.


Make sure to invite people to follow your personal instagram page and reach out, as well as plug your personal site or project.

Please use the URL fields below  to add links.


Know someone who would be a great fit to host our Instagram account for a week? Add their email and name below and we will reach out to them.

Information that you've filled out above will be used to create instagram posts for and will also be used as a blog post about you on blog. The blog will be published together with the final instagram post of the week hosted by you. Our editor will schedule your submission when we have availability on our social media calendar. Your submission might be redacted by our editor. If any major editing needed, we will make sure to approve the final version with you before publication.

It may take a minute to upload your submission. 

Done! You may close this page.

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