Diego Barragan

Antes del Final

In the not too distant future a man remembers the world that existed during his youth and how it has changed as a consequence of global warming..

Josh Mindemann

Wiped Out

The plush herds that once roamed these woodlands have been hunted to near-extinction. Will they recover?

Ara Baldonado


A boy develops an interest in a hobby that keeps him from putting his belt on.

Jolanta Young

The Reluctant Driver

A high flying corporate exec is fired from his job and ends up being an Uber driver, much against his wishes and ego. Through the process of driving.

Alexander Yaneff

Morning Routine

General Goodwurd introduces himself to a new platoon. He seems quite unhappy as the task given to his soldiers is way behind schedule.

Ed Keates

Anything For A Quiet Life

Quarantine can give someone all kinds of ideas. Written, filmed and edited in one day.

Josh Mindemann


He survived the pandemic but supplies are running low and so is his hope of finding the one thing he is desperately seeking!

Jordan Fries


An ordinary man comes home as he grows more and more suspicious that he may not be alone after all.

David Asambadze

Her Last Photo

She is not alone. Someone is getting closer. She has nowhere to hide. Flash. This is her last photo.

Kris Dimitrov


Stan mistakenly invited an old acquaintance to a party where no one expects that guest.

Josh Mindemann

Too Easy

He's out of snacks, out of toilet paper, and out of his mind!

Jamie Phillip Langlois

White In Black

A short film about a poem written, filmed and produced by Jamie Phillip Langlois. Film has also been chosen for a festival and television.


A Christmas Card

A little old lady gets a visit from her long dead son from WWII

Anya Semenova


A story about how to get to the wrong place at the wrong time in 2 minutes.

George Nikolov

Till Death Bring Us Together

In a place somewhere between death and eternity, a once married man gets news of his wife's passing.

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