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Community page designed for people that participate in GSI, share resources, feedback, ask questions and provide valuable input. Give advice or highlight something you tested on your set.



The Green Set Initiative serves as a central hub for promoting sustainability in the entertainment industry. By bringing together producers, crew members, organizations, companies, and eco-friendly products, it establishes a unified system that prioritizes environmental consciousness. The initiative aims to streamline education, facilitate product and service certification, and provide a platform for communication and further advancements in sustainable entertainment.


Every year, the entertainment industry inflicts significant harm on the environment, both on a global scale and across different regions. Behind the glamorous facade of show business, there are fleets of fuel-guzzling vehicles and generators, food wastage, excessive use of single-use plastics, and wasteful water consumption, among other detrimental practices.


The Green Set Initiative has been established to recognize our responsibility and the impact we have on the world, both on and off screen. Its primary objective is to minimize the adverse effects of the entertainment industry on our planet. However, it is essential to note that the initiative is not a comprehensive guide to achieving full environmental friendliness, nor is it a charitable organization solely focused on offsetting carbon emissions. Instead, it serves as a growing resource directory, a community, and a tool that aids in mitigating the environmental harm caused by our creative endeavors.


Realizing meaningful change in the industry is of utmost importance, but it is a process that requires time and concerted effort. Embracing new practices, experimenting with innovative methods, and educating those around us are only some of the steps that will bring a positive change. By collectively implementing these new solutions, we can make sustainable practices the norm. Through our collaborative endeavors, we strive towards the common goal of reducing harm to our shared home.

Personl Certication

Personal Certification

The Green Set Initiative Certification is an online course meticulously crafted to introduce environmentally friendly practices into the filmmaking process. Its primary objective is to enhance awareness regarding the ecological impact caused by film sets and to offer comprehensive solutions, innovative ideas, and clear guidance on how to foster a more environmentally conscious film industry.

Upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate and a badge on your profile. 

All crew and cast are encouraged to complete this course.

This section is coming soon.

No available programs

Advanced Certification Coming Soon

Production Registration
Production Feedback

Production Registration

The GSI Production Registration tool enables certified producers to register their projects. Registered projects receive a unique GSI Number for internal documentation and access to GSI Certified Production labels for paperwork, websites, and marketing. Registration adds your project to our public database, and successful completion leads to social media and newsletter features.

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Production Feedback

Highlight the remarkable sustainability effort by a production you've recently been a part of or provide feedback if you think something could have been improved. We will reach out to compliment or provide support for improvement. Your feedback is anonymous.

NLN Production Feedback
Certified Comps

Certified Companies, .ORGs and Products

GSI Assets

GSI Assets

This section is coming soon.

Brand resources (logos available only for those with GSI badge), press release, other information.



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